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Save Our Strays Rescue


Strays in need

Save Our Strays rescues all types of cats and dogs, including some that are in need of medical attention outside of desexing, parasite control and microchipping. These added veterinary costs for surgeries and treatments can be quite high even though we get discounts from our wonderful Vets.

All money raised will go to the veterinary costs and ongoing medical treatment of the rescued dogs in our care and will help us to rescue more dogs in need.

You can help Save Our Strays by donating to our general veterinary fund or towards one of our strays in need.

All donations to Save Our Strays over $2 are tax deductible.

Jasmine's fund

Goal: $1605.00 | Raised: $300.00

Started: November 3, 2012 

                                                                         Donate Now!

• $10.00     • $50.00     • $100.00     • Other: $

Update on Jasmine's progress.

Jasmine's surgery has gone well and she is making a good recovery. The stiches will be removed in a couple of days. The vet said that unfortunately the cancer will return at same stage in the future.

However, for now Jasmine is enjoying life. Her carer says that she a very gentle and sweet girl. She loves her walks and still plays like a big pup. She has impeccable manners and loves being brushed.


Jasmine came into our care in a poor state, from Renbury Farm Shelter, approximately 3 months ago.

Jasmine had put on weight and was well on her way to recovery when several lumps on her abdomen were noticed. 

The vet diagnosis was mammary tumours that were inoperable. However, an x-ray of her chest showed that her lungs were clear and the tumours had not spread.

We want to give Jasmine the best possible outcome so with the advice of the vet a decision was made to operate and remove the tumours.

Jasmine's surgery was on 1st of November. All of the mammary tumours were removed as well as a cyst on her back and an entropian in one eye.

Jasmine is recovering at the surgery and gets regular visists from a SOS volunteer.

Jasmine's surgery and x-ray costs were $1,605.

We are grateful for any donations towards her vet bill.

All donations over $2.00 are tax deductible.

Top Donors

  1. Bernadette Stephenson - $100.00
  2. Matthew Weldon - $50.00
  3. Brooke Morley - $50.00
  4. Sarah Woodend - $20.00

Chico's fund

Goal: $4000.00 | Raised: $355.00

Started: October 30, 2012

                                                                         Donate Now!

• $10.00     • $50.00     • $100.00     • Other: $

This lovely girl came into our care after one of our volunteers found she needed help. Chico arrived at our kennels and it soon became apparent that she had something not quite right with her eyes. She runs and plays happily and thoroughly enjoys life but her eyesight appeared to be a concern. We took her to our local vet for an assessment. He agreed that she had a problem and could see very little, suggesting it was a genetic problem which she probably had her whole life, caused by her mother being ill during pregnancy. A visit to the specialist (Opthamologist) was recommended.

Soon after, we took Chico to the Small Animal Specialist Hospital (SASH) for an assessment. Opthomologists Mark Bilson and Kate Hindley both saw Chico and after a thorough assessment came to the conclusion that Chico's eyes had not formed properly (are smaller than most dogs' eyes) and she has a cataract on each eye causing her blindness.

With her eyes being so small, the surgery is more complex and intricate than normal cataract surgery

Mark is confident that the surgery will be a success and we are all hoping, for Chico's sake, that it will give her vision; something she has never experienced in her short life to date.

Chico has been lucky to have a vet nurse at SASH offer to care for her post surgery.

The surgery for Chico will cost at least $4000 being a discounted rate for us as we are a registered charity.

We are very gratefull for any donations towards Chico's operation.

All donations over $2.00 are tax deductible.

Top Donors

  1. Bernadette Stephenson - $200.00
  2. Matthew Weldon - $50.00
  3. Caroline Mcgeown - $30.00
  4. Rose Guthrie - $25.00

Blue's fund

Goal: $700.00 | Raised: $370.00

Started: May 19, 2012

                                                                         Donate Now!

• $10.00     • $50.00     • $100.00     • Other: $

Blue was abandoned at the pound. How could anyone leave such a sweet,old boy to perish at the pound. Blue was in poor condition when he arrived. His gums and ears were infected. Blue had a major dental and his ears were also flushed. He is now on antibiotics.

This sweet old boy is now feeling much betterand looking forward to finding a loving and caring home.

Blue's vet bill is $700.00. We are very gradeful for any donations towards his vet account.

Top Donors

  1. Rose Guthrie - $100.00
  2. Bernadette Stephenson - $100.00
  3. Anna Marsden - $50.00
  4. Kimberley Morris - $50.00

Toby's fund

Goal: $450.00 | Raised: $210.00

Started: April 25, 2012

                                                                         Donate Now!

• $10.00     • $50.00     • $100.00     • Other: $

Toby found himself abandoned at the pound. Save Our Strays pulled him out of the pound and straight to the vet as he had a hernia. The hernia has been removed and Toby has a clean bill of health. He is only a young dog, full of energy ready to start a new life.

Toby's surgery cost was $450.00.

You can help Toby by donating towards the cost of his surgery.

Top Donors

  1. Bernadette Stephenson - $100.00
  2. Matthew Weldon - $100.00
  3. Shaghayegh Razaei - $10.00

Dudley & Delta's fund

Goal: $1375.00 | Raised: $360.00

Started: May 7, 2012

                                                                         Donate Now!

• $10.00     • $50.00     • $100.00     • Other: $

Dudley and Delta are a devoted pair of little dogs. This loving pair was left at the pound to perish. Save Our Strays rescued these two little dogs. However, shortly after arriving at the shelter Dudley and Delta developed a very severe case of kennel cough. They were so ill that they needed to be hospitalised. They have stayed at the vets for several days receving hydration therapy and medication.

Dudley and Delta have pulled though this ordeal and are now looking for a loving home. Please help Save Our Strays by donating to their veterinary costs. Dundley's care was $850.00 and Delta's was $725.00.

Top Donors

  1. Alison Spragg - $100.00
  2. Bernadette Stephenson - $100.00
  3. Anna Marsden - $50.00
  4. Barbara Siede - $50.00

Memorial fund for Duke

Goal: $7000.00 | Raised: $585.00

Started: December 24, 2011

                                                                         Donate Now!

• $10.00     • $50.00     • $100.00     • Other: $

Despite the best efforts of the staff at the specialist hospital, dear sweet Duke lost his struggle for life. He will be sorely missed by all those who work at the shelter and many of our shelter visitors.

This is a special memorial campaign to help us raise funds to pay for specialist veterinary care.

Previous donations from Pledgie have been added here and any general donation made and intended for Duke, will be added here also.

Top Donors

  1. Di + Eleonora - $200.00
  2. Tina Zgela (Pledgie) - $150.00
  3. Bernadette Stephenson - $100.00
  4. Dominic Gallagher - $100.00

Memorial fund for Milly

Goal: $1200.00 | Raised: $540.00

Started: October 7, 2011

                                                                         Donate Now!

• $10.00     • $50.00     • $100.00     • Other: $

We have lost our little Milly.

Milly had become lethargic and was taken to the vets for a check-up. She was given intravenous fluid and a blood test was done. Unfortunately the test showed her to have severe kidney impairment.

RIP sweet Milly.

Milly was around 11 years old when she was left at the pound with her friend Barney, also a senior dog.

Unfortunately Milly was diagnosed with Cushings disease. This condition results when the body produces too much of a hormone called cortisol. Too much cortisol weakens the immune system, leaving the body vulnerable to other diseases and infections.

Milly underwent numerous diagnostics procedures including: blood screening, ultrasound and x-rays and was placed on medications to manage the disease. 

Donating to this fund will help Save Our Strays with the costs of her proceedures and treatments.

Barney and Milly

Top Donors

  1. Australian Bookmarks And Bookplates - $100.00
  2. Matthew Weldon - $100.00
  3. Bernadette Stephenson - $100.00
  4. Samuel Walker - $50.00

All Strays Veterinary fund

Goal: $5000.00 | Raised: $1460.00

Started: June 18, 2011 

                                                                         Donate Now!

• $10.00     • $50.00     • $100.00     • Other: $

You can help Save Our Strays by donating to our Veterinary fund.

All money raised will go to the veterinary costs and ongoing medical treatment of the rescued cats and dogs in our care outside of the usual desexing, parasite control and microchipping.

Helping us to meet these costs helps us to rescue more strays from death row.

Top Donors

  1. Christine Evans - $500.00
  2. Christie Taylor - $200.00
  3. Bernadette Stephenson - $150.00
  4. Urban Eco Lighting - $100.00

Completed Campaigns