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Your photos - 2012 Your photos - 2012 Ginger (formerly Chloe) 154866140 Ginger (formerly Chloe) 154866141 Ginger (formerly Chloe) 154866142 Greta (formerly known as Rose) Adopted on 3 March 2012 151739504 Gumby on his pedestal Gumby came to me in October 2012. He settled in straight away and it as if he has always lived here. 174517340 Gumby hiding in his garden Although he hadn't spent any time outside, Gumby has come to love checking out his courtyard and sometimes even ventures a little further afield. He always comes home because he knows where the food and the cuddles are. 174517341 Gumby stretched out in his new home There isn't a spot that Gumby hasn't explored and made his own. However his preferred spots are on my bed and on the lounge nestled in a pile of cushions. 174517342 Gumby Gumby answers to his name with a little chirrup as if to say, "Here I am." 174517343 Gumby's trick Gumby's favourite trick is catching a screwed up shopper docket. He has to hear and see me scrunch it up and then leaps into the air to catch it. Then he brings it back to me in his mouth to throw it again. Clever boy! 174517344