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Save Our Strays Rescue



Strays - 2010 Strays - 2010 Dixie Showing off her best side 112720075 Gilbert 112720076 Gilbert and Dixie Gilbert is partial to ball games and Dixie just loves to play. 112720077 Dixie Prodding along 112720078 Gilbert Profile Pic 112720079 Gilbert Gilbert Showing off his best side 112720080 Dixie and Gilbert This gorgeous pair are never too far from one another - a beautiful couple full of love, affection - and of course, energy! Fabulous personalities that balance out their companionship. Gilbert - more docile and happy to play whether with you, or himself. Dixie - More Bubbly and light hearted. As Dixie is deaf, she craves more physical attention - and in return, Dixie and Gilbert are sure to fill your life with all their love and affection!!! 112720081 Dixie and Gilbert 112720082 Dixie and Gilbert 112720084 Dakota Introducing. . . DAKOTA!!! Full of life with a bounce in her step - Lively, energetic and cheeky is Dakota in 3 words. 112915270 Dakota Dakota shows off her "Prowess" 112915271 Dakota Dakota loves affection, both giving, and of course, receiving! 112915272 Dakota 112915273 Dakota 112915274 Roxy Soft hearted, gentle and slightly more introverted is me. In saying this - I am vibrant and have a spirited personality. Being a larger dog, I enjoy my play time and exercise. I would be a great addition to your loving family! 112917037 Roxy 112917038 Rpxy 112917039 Roxy 112917040 Roxy 112917041 Roxy 112917042 Buddy This good looking boy is Buddy! Enjoys his exercise as he has a good handful of energy that needs to be taken care of on a regular basis! Smart, content, full of beans and delightful - is Buddy in a nutshell. 112917896 Buddy 112917897 Buddy Profile pic 112917898 Buddy 112917899 Buddy 112917900